If you watch soccer, or football (depending on where you live), chances are you have an inkling on how the game is played.

You know there are two sides of players, fighting over a ball, with a referee, you cannot use your hands and there’s yellow and red cards when you do something wrong in the game.

Its like knowing that seawater is salty or that certain brightly-colored snakes are kind of venomous.

Its just fundamental knowledge most people would know.

So what happens when we start to change the rules of something we fundamentally know?

FIFA are considering revolutionizing football by introducing dramatic and controversial rule changes.

Here are some of the rules they are field-testing now:

1.Dividing the game into two 30mins periods (instead of 45mins)

2. Unlimited substitutions

3. ‘Kick-ins’ rather than throw-ins

4. Five-minute suspension for yellow cards

5. Game clock stops when the ball goes out of play

A part of me loves the progressive approach, incorporating real-life feedback from the fans who grew up loving the sport, making it “for the best” for everyone.

Another part of me feels like it will fundamentally change the way the game is played or can be played.

Strategies will be torn up and rebuilt.

Players will train and condition their abilities and field tactics differently.

It will welcome new changes that may open up more questions and surprises, for good or for bad, in time to come.

I can’t decide if this is ultimately better or worse, but I am keenly aware that it will breath a fresh breathe of life and vigor into one of the oldest-running sport in history.

Like startup founders in a VUCA environment, football owners, coaches and players will have to adapt to the new normal.

Fight or flight, it comes down to adaptability.

Let the games begin.

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Durwin Ho is the CEO of StartupX, an innovation company that has just launched the HyperX Sustainability Hackcelerator. He also heads Startup Weekend Singapore.