Bringing NFTs to life!

Whats next? Ape-shakes and Ape-hotdogs!

I do admit that I call out a lot of NFT scams, bad actors in the industry, bad eggs who bullies others and I am pejorative towards people who does illogical things with bad intentions.

But this is a pretty nifty idea that brought NFTs to reality.

Apparently people in the BAYC community (so it actually is for real!) has ventured forward to open a physical burger and fries shop in Los Angeles!

Its aptly called “Bored & Hungry”!


Apparently Yuga Labs, the legends behind the BAYC and MAYC franchise, has given full Intellectual Property rights to any BAYC and MAYC owners.

In simple terms, anyone who legally owns a BAYC can use it for anything in anyway they like.

Andy Nguyen, the owners of Bored Ape #6184, spent $270k to purchase it and could now set up an entire brand, restaurant and theme with its likeness.

“According to Nguyen, “The reason I did this was to make a statement to the public, letting them know that this jpeg … could be utilized to turn into a brand and ecosystem for the restaurant world.” Bored Ape holders are invited to the opening of Bored & Hungry with a variety of merch, Web3 and NFT-related surprises planned. Nguyen hopes to have a Bitcoin ATM machine at the restaurant and is looking into accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment.”

Oh and BAYC and MAYC holders get free burgers on Opening day!

And soon, ApeCoin will have another utility added to its list, when real-life restaurants accepts it.

It is mind-blowing?

Nope, but it is exciting to see people turning ideas into real-life use cases that is somehow tangible and meaningful.

It is just riding on the NFT hype train?

Certainly, but that is just the way is it nowadays, for any business or idea to cut through all the noise and stand out.

Do what you must to do what you like.

So, it is just a burger right?

Yup, but it is definitely exciting for any Web3 or Crypto or NFT fan to see it in real-life.

Long Beach Cali.

It is like when Blackpink or BTS opens a restaurant.

If you are a hardcore fan, you would at least be interested to try once right?

No one is saying its going to be a Michelin meal or prepared by Gordon Ramsay, but it sure is worth a try.

Will be sustainable in the long-run?

Hopefully, but its a great start to ignite newer, bolder, more creative and purposeful use cases.

We all know the most common attack on NFTs is that it is has no real utility and that the “community” is aims to nurture is either non-existent or ephemeral.

Does this prove that argument wrong?

Not necessarily, but its a great start for more things to come.

The only catch is: they don’t accept payments in crypto.


Well, something’s gotta give right.

Give ’em time, let’s see where the BAYC community meanders on from here.

Ok, any tried it personally?

Let me know how it goes please.

One day, we will all be working in the metaverse and we would be able to strut into the virtual restaurant in a Godzilla Avatar, order a BAYC burger and MAYC fries and have it delivered to us effortlessly in 30 mins.


Would you like to try the Bored Ape burger?


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CEO of StartupX | Web3.0, Crypto, DeFi, NFT Enthusiast |HyperX Sustainability Hackcelerator | Startup Weekend Singapore.

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Durwin Ho

CEO of StartupX | Web3.0, Crypto, DeFi, NFT Enthusiast |HyperX Sustainability Hackcelerator | Startup Weekend Singapore.