BTS Sneakers anyone?

I’m not even joking right now. Someone actually custom-made a pair of sneakers with the entire BTS set meal sold in Singapore. Well, technically the shoe is still the shoe, it is just fascinating how the artist decked it out with the entire packaging of the BTS McDonald’s chicken nugget meal.

Look! Even the sweet chili sauce is used on the laces!

It actually caught my attention big time.

“Within 1 day of the BTS Meal’s launch, Josiah got his creative juices flowing and released his design of the custom sneakers on his Instagram”

I have said it many times, creativity is the new currency for success in today’s world where you have to stand up and stand out to be noticed.

Speed too. Josiah moved fast. I love a good hustle when I see one.

I hope his efforts paid off and everyone gets to see not just how curiously fascinating the BTS sneakers actually are, but how good an artist he is.

Now all he has to do is turn it into an NFT and hold on till the value rockets in a decade.

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Durwin Ho

Durwin Ho


CEO of StartupX | Web3.0, Crypto, DeFi, NFT Enthusiast |HyperX Sustainability Hackcelerator | Startup Weekend Singapore.