Can you guess what Tesla will release next?

Durwin Ho
2 min readDec 6, 2021
The CyberQuad for kids is going for $1,900 and it’s sold out.

These are some products Tesla have released or conceptualised thus far:

Tesla Roadster 2008

Tesla Model S 2012

Tesla Model X 2015

Tesla Model 3 2017

Tesla Model Y 2020

Tesla Semi-Truck 2017

Tesla New Roadster 2017

Tesla CyberTruck 2019

Tesla Solar Roof 2016

Tesla Solar Panels 2019

Go check out their shop.

There is the Tesla Tequila Decanter, S3XY mugs, Sweatshirts, Desktop Supercharger, Umbrella, Gift cars, of course the CyberWhistle (not a joke!) and the Cyberquad for kids (yeah, sure).

Pure genius.

They haven’t release any numbers, but I bet their sales from non-car products are bringing in serious cash.

The art of creating demand and capitalizing on it, hard.

They have so many concepts that they teased and have yet to release, the CyberTruck, Semi .etc.

But by releasing limited edition items that are closely related to those concepts, they maintain the hype and keep us wanting more.

Think of it as: you can’t go to the Moon literally, but you sure can get a piece of Moon rock (even if its made on earth).

Tesla understands how to build a brand, make people crave for it, milk it and give everyone else a piece of something they can own, especially if they can’t afford the real thing.

Can’t get the Roadster? Get something equally limited edition, the Tesla tequila decanter.

Can’t get the Tesla CyberTruck? Get the CyberWhistle.

Can’t get the CyberQuad? Get the one for kids.

Tesla just revealed the All-Electric CyberQuad for kids.

Check out the pictures, it actually looks good.

And yes, of course it’s fully electric.

At $1,900 a piece, this is certainly not a cheap kid’s toy or christmas present.

Trust me, Tesla isn’t thinking about making the children happy.

They are beta-testing on the adults.

They have said that they will do a CyberQuad for adults, sometime soon, perhaps.

But what better validation from the market when they release a kids version and it sells out immediately?

Nobody, not the engineers, designers or marketers will question if they need to continue working on the CyberQuad now.

Pure genius.

Are there no boundaries to Tesla’s or Elon’s creativity (and bravery)?


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