Chickens are pets, not food!

Durwin Ho
2 min readOct 26, 2021


10 chickens is the limit, before you get a nasty fine from the government.

“A 50-year-old man in Singapore was fined S$2,000 for keeping 25 chickens in his HDB flat as it constituted maintaining a farm without a license.”

I did not know that.

I did not know keeping chickens were even a thing in Singapore!

Parrots, exotic birds and even pigeons I have heard.

But chickens?

Apparently some of these chickens are really beautiful and worth a lot, not as food but as real pets!

To think about it, that kind of make sense.

Chickens are actually quite docile and quiet.

They are relatively easy to keep and low maintenance compared to dogs and even freshwater fishes.

So now you know.

You can legally keep up to 10 chickens on a non-commercial basis, meaning not for profit.

If you breed, trade and sell the chickens, you are deemed to be running a farm.

That is interesting.

But where do we draw the line? 10 chickens is fine, 25 is too much?

Is 5 chickens still ok if they are kept in extremely adverse conditions and start disturbing the neighbours with the foul smell?

Can we actually get a proper license to operate a farm in our homes?

I’m clucking to myself because the pandemic really brought to light a lot of novel and interesting hobbies that people are adopting.

There was the boom in green thumbs.

People started going crazy over exotic plants, cactus and all kinds of leafy things.

Anyone managed to grow venus flytraps successfully?

Ant farms were getting popular too.

Apparently a lot of fish-lovers have sprouted too.

Remember the champion who had free-roaming giant orb-weaver spiders in his room?

Now chickens are a thing too!

Really wonder what is next.

Can someone let me know if they have teacup piglets or still racing Tamiya cars!

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