Day 6 of Startup Weekend Global

Have you heard? We are giving away NFTs worth USD $1000 to the winners of Startup Weekend Global!

The future is here.

We decided that the only way we can do justice to the metaverse, is to embrace all of its wild, lovely eccentricities.

NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) are basically digital assets that are unique and no two are quite the same.

They can be anything ranging from digital artwork to website domains, that are verified and stored using blockchain technology.

What better way to gift winners from all over the world in a form of digital ART that could be appreciated, accepted, stored and collected seamlessly on the metaverse.

Digital currencies and digital assets for the digital natives in the digital metaverse!

So work hard, pitch well and impress the judges with your best ideas!

You might be the lucky ones to walk away with some limited edition NFTs!

Speaking of ideas.

The ideas of Startup Weekend Global comes in so many shapes and sizes.

There are those looking to help vulnerable communities and empowering women.

There are those working towards a more sustainable future and those who want to improvise the future of work today.

I love it.

The ideas that come out of Startup Weekend Global is what makes it worth the effort and time we put in to organise such an event.

We want to democratise entrepreneurship.

We want ideas to flourish and imagination to run wild and free.

We want ideas to be the reason more people get into the entrepreneurship game.

Sure ideas are cheap and execution is everything.

But we still got to start from ideas.

Bad ideas, good ideas, ideas that are half-baked or even ideas that come out of nowhere.

These ideas will be seedlings that will grow into mighty oak trees in time to come.

This is where the next breed of unicorns and successful founders will come from.

Let’s embrace the future of entrepreneurship.

Be sure to catch the final pitches live on 20 Nov Sat!

Grab your observer tickets here:

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