Did you realise why Apple spends so much time talking about their iPhone cameras?

Saw something really interesting that I had to share.

Did you know over the years, the amount of time Apple spends talking about its camera on the iPhone is increasing steadily?

If you were fortunate enough to own an iPhone when it first came out, you would have recalled just how big a deal the iPhone was.

Forget about the camera, it has a magical touch screen and the phone is so so so sleek!

For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about, remember this:

Back then, before the heavenly iPhone was released, our options were the mechanical Blackberry or a trusty, unbreakable Nokia.

The original iPhone that Steve Jobs unveiled to the world, truly rocked the entire world off its axis.

But Steve only spent a grand 10 seconds to indicate that there is a camera on the iPhone.

Nothing fancy, no biggie.

Its just there.

Sure, it was a very horrible 240p camera that was frankly unusable compared to today’s standard, but it works.

I want to point out that in the grand scheme of things, Steve was quite literally building the MVP of the iPhone.

He spoke about the camera for 3 seconds when he unveiled the iPhone 3G!

Fast forward to modern times, guess how much time was spent talking about cameras on the new iPhones?

“Over the years, % of time in a new iphone presentation apple spent talking about the camera”

20 minutes for the iPhone 11.

19 minutes for the iPhone 12

14 minutes for the iPhone 13.

On average, that is 35% of the entire time taken to introduce the iPhone.

Someone actually took the time to collate, compute and analyse the data of the percentage of time spent on the camera for each iPhone presentation every year.

Indeed, they really spent a lot more time talking about the camera year after year.


Then it hit me.

Apple was no longer selling mobile phones.

They were selling experiences.

And the best way to capture experiences, is through videos and pictures.

When you travel, you take pictures of your food, snow, skiing and new experiences.

When you attend events and go for parties, you take selfies, wefies and videos.

When you see a cat doing backflips while singing on the street, you whip out your phone to record.

Frankly, a large part of our experiences are captured in videos and pictures.

Memories are a large existential reason for who we are.

And cameras allow us to capture all of that memories.

Perhaps that is why Apple emphasizes so much on the quality of its camera.

See the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max have 3 new rear cameras!

A 12-megapixel wide lens, an ultrawide lens and a telephoto lens.

Anything worth doing, is worth doing thrice!

No wonder Apple sold a record breaking 242M iPhones in 2021!


What’s your mobile phone?


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