Execution is everything

Rainforest, an e-commerce brand aggregator, has officially announced its launch with a seed financing round of US$36 million.

One worked growth and strategy at Carousell, one was the CFO of OVO and Fave and one was a multi-million dollar amazon FBA seller.

Honestly, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why people are willing to give them $36million to start their e-commerce company…


Having worked at some of the biggest startups there was, they would have cut their teeth at operations, fund-raising, dealing with customers and managing stakeholders. They know how to work the ropes, grease the wheels and have built up a strong foundation of business, professional and ancillary networks that will support them when they start their own businesses.

The few crucial things VCs always look out for when investing in a startup: traction, team and the ability to execute. Its super clear to see that the team behind Rainforest is solid and they can definitely execute, that’s very credible.

So if you are fund-raising right now, think about how to signal on your ability to execute, move fast and capture the market.

Let’s see how far they go! =)

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Durwin Ho is the CEO of StartupX, an innovation company that has just launched the HyperX Sustainability Hackcelerator. He also heads Startup Weekend Singapore.