For the First Time Ever, Scientists Witness Chimps Killing Gorillas.

It is like a scene straight from Planet of the Apes.

Gorillas are literally triple their size and massively overpowered.

So how and why did such an incident even occur?


Over food sources.

Surprisingly Gorillas are almost completely herbivorous and Chimps are more omnivorous, but still largely herbivorous.

So naturally, they food sources overlap.

And when logging and deforestation consumes their habitat, they are forced to fight over a small area for dominance, food and ultimately survival.

There has never been a recording of Chimps killing Gorillas ever.

Chimpanzees are the second most war-mongering amongst all the great apes.

The first being us humans.

We are probably the only species that overtly display tendencies for war, aggression and brutality on other species, that isn’t for a natural cause.

If you don’t know how Chimps attack, trust me, you don’t want to know.

They may not have large fangs like baboons, large claws like lions and certainly no teeth and jaw power like a crocodile.

But they are human-like.

So that means they are smart enough to utilize everything in their arsenal.

Their agility, teeth, fists, nails, speed, offensive tactics and the most critical skill: teamwork.

Team work beats everything.

The only way they could take down a Gorilla 3 times its size is for 20 chimps to single out and repeatedly beat down on one Gorilla.

It takes intense teamwork, to cooperate, communicate, distract, threaten and hunt down an adversary.

In the natural world, teamwork is rare and those who exhibit teamwork usually increase their chance of survival and hunting rate exponentially.

Look at Orcas hunting down whales.

Look at fire ants taking down far larger prey.

Look at wolves tracking down elks.

Take a leaf from the natural world.

Same for business and life, teamwork is key.

Plan ahead, communicate effectively and coordinate wisely.

That can typically solve most problems.

So always be working on your communication skills, improving team morale and constantly learn to work better as a team.

Connect with me for more quirky insights and unorthodox breakdowns.

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