Gym Jong Kook!

Remember the muscle man in running man with 8 pacs and bulging muscles? Yeap its Kim Jong Kook. He is pretty much the ONLY buff dude in the entire cast of running man. Quite iconic really.

He recently started his own YouTube channel and called it “Gym Jong Kook”!

Of course its a hit with all his fans and its nearly 1m subscribers already in less than a week.

This is a great lesson for founders.

#1 rule: stick to what you love.

He is one of the biggest stars on one of the most popular reality shows in Korea and quite possibly the world! He could have started the YouTube channel for comedy or cooking and it would have still been a strike.

But he stuck to what he genuinely believes in. What he truly love.

The gym. Or more appropriately, fitness.

This makes coming up with new content more sustainable in the long run because he is working with his passion. He is doing what he loves and sharing it with others. He doesn’t have to dig too deep to get great content out there and it builds on his strengths, literally and metaphorically.

Maybe after the YouTube channel takes off, he should start his own brand of fitness studios and gyms. Imagine the attention and community he can build online and offline.

Talk about a good lead generation funnel.

Be like Kim Jong Kook.

Go hit the gym, people!

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