Help! There are Zombies in the Clubhouse!

Clubhouse is a zombie. We probably heard that before. Question is, who will take its place?

Better yet, was there even a place worth taking in the first place?

Clubhouse was a “revolutionary” app that took the world by storm in 2020.

It had over 9.6 million monthly downloads in February 2021.

That’s bewilderingly amazing.

It pushed their valuation up to a staggering $4b.

It was particularly well-received partially due to covid, when everyone was cooped up and craved social interaction.

Turns out, audio was a cool, easy, fuss-free way to express yourself and communicate in the new pandemic world.

But the numbers don’t look so good now.

With less than a million downloads monthly, it has fallen tremendously from its peak just months ago.

Take a quick look at the mess Clubhouse spawned in its wake.

It awoken giants from their slumber and started panic-releasing audio-based features similar to Clubhouse.

Spotify’s Greenroom is a catastrophe unfolding. Pick up rate just isn’t high enough.

Twitter’s Spaces was promising but its fading. People just seem to love using Twitter for Tweeting.

Discord Stage Channels. Maybe it will fly? Hasn’t flown yet though.

Facebook Live Audio Rooms. Tell me about it.

Reddit Talk. Seriously. Who would even consider using it.

Riffr. If you are desperate enough to even not consider Clubhouse in the first place.

Telegram Voice Chat. Let me know if this is even a thing.

I don’t know anymore.

It seemed like a fad that fizzled out.

Communicating and interacting solely using audio wasn’t anything phenomenal.

Radio was there long before Clubhouse, albeit one-way.

It seemed like Clubhouse was built for the VCs instead of real users.

Chasing valuation and hype growth, instead of revenues and real users.

Was there ever a real use case?

Even when the big boys like Facebook, Reddit and Twitter jumped on the bandwagon, there was no real stickiness.

There doesn’t seem to be a real pain point it is solving.

Don’t believe me?

Log in to your Clubhouse now and see the first few rooms in your feed.

There are the crypto maximalist hyping about bitcoin.

There are the “entrepreneur gurus” teaching you how to make a billion dollars.

There are the embarrassing speakers discussing vaccines and conspiracies.

So do you think clubhouse will sink or float?

Long live Clubhouse! or R.I.P Clubhouse

Connect with me for more quirky insights and unorthodox breakdowns.

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