House of Seafood introduces In-car dining!

OK, this is pretty creative.

I have to say it caught my attention.

Given the restrictions, rules and ever-changing laws created by the day, this is one creative approach to marketing your food.

The F&B sector has been one of the hardest hit amongst all the industries during the pandemic.

With the new rules and restrictions, you cannot dine in if you are not vaccinated.

You have to eat in pairs only.

You can’t do this, you can’t do that.

It can be really frustrating for restaurant owners.

But the guys from House of Seafood is always up to something fun.

I have to give it to them.

From walking crabs to crab vending machines, and now in-car dining experiences!

They have not taken a backseat and allow the pandemic to smother their businesses.

If anything, they have taken the offensive.

They are exercising their creativity and marketing their services very intelligently.

They are using what limited resources they have and whatever in their means, and making the most of the situation.

There are many ways why in-car dining is quite smart.

First, we all know where House of Seafood is.

It is far away at Punggol Settlement, and most of us will drive there anyway.

Second, there are plenty of car lots available.

No issues there.

Third, it doesn’t cost them a lot more time and effort to bring the plates and drinks to your car.

Marginal costs with huge upsides.

And best of all, they now can play the social media game and go viral.

This is quite witty.

I like that.

Where so many failed and stumbled, House of Seafood consistently innovated and pivoted.

This is not easy.

We could all take a leaf or two from their book.

I wonder if this was successful?

Anyone tried it before?

In-car dining was very popular in America in the 50s.

Waiters and waitresses would roller-skate trays of food right to your car.

They were called carhops!

I wonder if we can bring these back in 2022!

Oh, in fact, I think they did.

They call them robo-waiters!

After all these years, consumer behaviour didn’t change too much.

We still yearn for convenience and comfort, wanting things to be served directly to us with little hassle.

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Durwin Ho is the CEO of StartupX, an innovation company that has just launched the HyperX Sustainability Hackcelerator. He also heads Startup Weekend Singapore.