I bet you didn’t know what is Twitter Blue

Durwin Ho
2 min readSep 23, 2021


Twitter has a paid subscription service. Twitter Blue!

Do you care?

Wait, do you even use Twitter?

I use it to primarily follow prominent thinkers like Elon Musk, who constantly tweets about current affairs in his own lens.

Call it social entertainment.

Generally speaking, Twitter hasn’t picked up like the other social media platforms in SEA.

Actually, why isn’t Twitter catching on in SEA?

I digress.

What is Twitter Blue?

For a few dollars a month, you get the following features:

Undo button

Bookmark folders

Faster customer service

Joining communities

Reader mode

I don’t even use Twitter that often, but I am not feeling those features at all.

Then I started thinking, what can Twitter introduce to make it more powerful and useful for me as a user?

What can I propose to increase / help diversify their revenue?

Isn’t there something more handy and functional that Twitter can offer its users?

Maybe a fake news checker?

Perhaps a more powerful built-in data analytics platform native to Twitter?

How about cross-platform posting?

Would love to hear from the power users how to “improve” something like Twitter, which is already so well-known and well-used by many.

Twitter Blue was introduced to try reduce its reliance on advertisements and give its power users more “power”.

Did it really?

How often do you use Twitter?

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