Ignorance made Tesla the top car-maker today

I saw the report that says it will cost you just around $180k to own a Tesla in Singapore.

You enjoy some of the highest savings and grants from the Singapore Government with this electric car.

In Singapore, that actually sounds plausible.

For some context, we have some of the highest taxes and additional charges in the world, placed on top of existing car prices.

It is very costly to own a nice car in Singapore.

On top of fuel, there are loads of other costs like car park charges, maintenance, road tax, spare parts, repairs and so on.

And we pay a Certificate of Entitlement (COE) to have the right to own a car.


We do that.

So you need to purchase a COE to even have the right to buy a car.

That COE floats on a bidding system and the latest round has the open category at nearly SGD $72,000.

That means, if your car cost $100k, you will pay an additional $70k for the COE.

But I digress.

Anyhow, Elon’s vision has finally reached the shores of Singapore!

The Tesla Model 3 is a compact sedan that is functional, fast and furious in styling.

It has all the modern trinkets we have always loved about Tesla, the 15 inch touch screen, the beautiful headlights, silent but deadly acceleration.

If I ever buy a Tesla, it would be because they completely threw away what traditional car-makers have always done and redid everything to make sense for the modern driver.

Everything is customisable.

It should.

I am paying $200k for not a car, but a pleasurable, comfortable driving experience.

Like Star Trek space command, you control everything from the amazing screen.

The windows, the ambience lighting, the aircon, the autopilot, the mirrors, adjusting the steering wheels are all possible with a touch of a finger.

This was how driving should be in the 21st century.

Ever got into a car and wondered why certain things were designed or placed in a certain way that is neither useful to the driver and intuitive at all?

That is what separates Tesla from every other car-makers.

Sure Ferrari has won more Le Mans, Lamborghini has heritage in sports cars, Audi has decades of imminence and Toyota has made more cars than anyone ever.

But only Tesla, who didn’t know how to built cars, had nothing to follow, and started from ground zero, only they were able to think from the user’s point of view.

Ignorance and being completely new to an industry.

This is one HUGE advantage of being a domain expert in an industry, and few talk about it.

Because Tesla knew nothing about car initially, they had no one to rely on and no baggage.

That means no traditions to stick to, no mindset to hinder them, no boundaries they can’t cross.

They literally didn’t know what is there to know or not know.

They were…ignorant.

They were…fearless.

They didn’t know their limits.

Therefore, they had no limits.

That turned out to be Tesla’s superpower.

They turned their ignorance into hunger.

Hunger to grow and do better.

They worked hard, learned fast and moved even faster than their competition.

They outplayed and out-think the dinosaurs and now, they are worth nearly $800b.


So don’t feel daunted just because you don’t know something or when you see others doing better in a space.

Learning is not limited to just the learnt.

We all can do better and make our mark, if we work hard at it.

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