Investors weren’t sleeping in 2021!

“Overall, global venture investment in 2021 totaled $643 billion, compared to $335 billion for 2020 — marking 92 percent growth year over year.”

$643 Billion went from investors into startups in 2021.

No wonder everyone is telling me “money is everywhere” and “it’s now easier to raise than ever before”.

Globally, SoftBank is still the leader, nearly doubling that of the investor in 3rd place.

SoftBank Vision Fund invested $35.2 Billion.

Tiger Global Management invested $29.6 Billion.

Coatue invested $15.9 Billion.

Honestly, those numbers are just mind-boggling.

If anyone has dug out where they deployed all their capital, let me know.

I suspect a sizeable portion goes to Web3.0 startups, given the hype.

Tiger Global made 335 investments into startups in 2021.

That is 3rd place, compared to YC and Techstars.

Y Combinator had 797 and Techstars had 436.

This is pretty amazing.

YC and Techstars both run accelerators.

Accelerators are programs that run in cohorts sometimes twice a year and can be thematic: Blockchain, Maritime or Saas.

They were engineered to consolidate resources and mentorships, concentrating on a batch of promising startups that can scale and grow fast.

The end result is typically a demo day that showcases what the startups have achieved and attract investors/partners.

The benchmark of getting into a top-tier accelerator has risen over the years and you no longer can just rely on a good team and good idea.

You need to have shown traction, some revenue, a brilliant team and ground-breaking idea.

The climb to the top just got even steeper.

The pandemic years have hit many industries hard.

But apparently, if you strive on, focus on the right things, you can still come out on top.

Kudos to YC and Techstars for pivoting to remote and still over-delivering.

So do you think its easier to raise money now than ever before?


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