Is there something we are all missing here?

3 of the richest men alive.

Billionaires are literally fighting to see will go into space faster. Billions are spent by Richard Branson, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, some of the wealthiest men on earth, to venture into space. We saw Branson launch into space on a Virgin Galactic flight first, then Bezos did it via Blue Origin’s New Shephard.


What is the rush?

Space was always there up above our heads the whole time.

Did we magically invented new things or founded cool new science to warrant the sudden interest in deep, dark, cold, unforgiving space?

Perhaps it is simpler than that.


The entire space industry is worth roughly half a trillion dollars.

That includes but isn’t limited to launching of rockets, intergalactic space tourism, space travels, satellites and so on.

But you get the picture.

It is a huge industry and we are literally only scratching the surface.

Domination of the space industry and proprietary space tech is a real possibility because no one is capable of even investing and looking into it.

No one else is more suited and positioned better than the billionaires to even contemplate space domination.

So it makes sense that they are running their own version of the space race.

Of course, if more people start looking into the space race, resources will be poured into it, technology will improve, economies will be built around it, reducing the costs for average joes and making it better in the long-run.

After all, who doesn’t want to go into space!

Brad Pitt in Ad Astra really made it seems so normal and practical to travel into space, as if it was a reality.

Ok side note, someone anonymously won a $28m bid for a seat on Blue Origin’s flight into space.

Later it turns out that the mysterious bidder had to reschedule the flight due to a “scheduling conflict”.

The seat was therefore given to an 18 year old student instead.

A what? Scheduling conflict? Was it a lunch with the POTUS or a date with Scarjo?

It is a chance to be part of history and the bidder just postponed it because something came up on the schedule.

I need a drink after reading this.

We should also start seriously looking down below us, into the oceans, to learn more about ourselves and the Earth.

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Durwin Ho is the CEO of StartupX, an innovation company that has just launched the HyperX Sustainability Hackcelerator. He also heads Startup Weekend Singapore.