Majulah Singapore — A year on

The Tokyo Olympics ended.

Nearly $16b spent to commemorate the human spirit and sportsmanship.

So many firsts, so many ups and so many new news.

Records were broken and new limits set.

Paris, the city of love, takes over as the Olympic hosts in 2024.

Singapore celebrates its 56th birthday albeit in a quiet and solemn fashion.

Life goes on.

The Pandemic rages on.

Millions of lives lost to Covid.

There are more than 100k cases reported in the U.S just days ago.

Vaccination is now a thing, and possibly a status differentiator soon.

We may get to travel, in a few more years.

Everything from travel, tourism, security, food, personal hygiene and even our mindset has changed permanently due to a nano-sized virus.

Life goes on.

The GameStop frenzy, did it really made any sense in the end?

Bitcoin tanked, then jumped back to where it was months ago.

Everyone got crypto-crazy then largely desensitized.

SPAC hype went into overdrive, minting more billionaires than ever.

Billionaires actually went to space and back, and I still cannot phantom why.

Life goes on.

Loki, Loki, Loki. A character played so brilliantly, never mind it was a villain, they gave it an entire series anyways — and another season!

Disney+ launched brilliantly, buoyed by Marvel cinematic universe phase 4.

Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) decided to sue Disney.

Mental health got a resurgence after Biles spoke up at the Olympics.

We used to think we couldn’t live without big-screen cinemas, now we enjoy hours of movies streamed from our tiny phones.

Life goes on.

Biden became the POTUS and essentially the most powerful man on earth (perhaps after Putin).

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all took turns banning Trump.

The lockdown showed us that anyone can be a chef, artist, singer, content creator and gardener.

No one, and I mean absolutely no one can ignore, deny or refute the need to be on social media anymore.

Electric cars is the future and the future is now.

Life goes on.

This was just the last 7 months and so much has happened.

For good or for bad, we need to understand that life goes on.

Be strong, forge on and don’t ever, at all cost, stop fighting.

When you stumble, take some time to cry, but pick yourself up and go on.

It will get better.

Life goes on.

Happy Birthday Singapore.

Majulah, Everybody.



Never backward.

If you never stop fighting, connect with me.

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Durwin Ho

Durwin Ho

CEO of StartupX | Web3.0, Crypto, DeFi, NFT Enthusiast |HyperX Sustainability Hackcelerator | Startup Weekend Singapore.