[Part 2 of 2] What is fascinating about Apple’s $3 Trillion market cap?


Let’s have a quick look at all the companies worth more than $2T:

Apple is at US $2.8T

Microsoft is at US $2.3T

Saudi Aramco US $1.9 T

Alphabet US $1.8 T

Amazon US $1.6 T

Tesla is at US $1.031T

That’s it.

That is the entire list of companies worth more than $2T currently.

There is just 6.

And Apple is miles ahead.

Stealing a quote from the NYTimes:

“Combine Walmart, Disney, Netflix, Nike, Exxon Mobil, Coca-Cola, Comcast, Morgan Stanley, McDonald’s, AT&T, Goldman Sachs, Boeing, IBM and Ford.

Apple is still worth more.”

Forget companies, Apple is approximately the worth of the entire GDP of Britain or India.

They have set the gold standards for everyone else to follow.

Branding, product and innovation.

Few companies does even 1 of these well.

Apple excels in all of it.

Nothing quite explains dominance like what Apple did to the phone market.

iPhone sales was nearly $200B in 2021.

Apparently, the pandemic forced everyone to work from home and companies scrambled to purchase devices to facilitate that.

They sold 40m units of iPhone 13 in just a few months after it launched.

I want to point out that iPhone 13 is not a cheap phone, it costs $1000 and up.

Yet, Apple has seemingly no problem selling them.

They have $190B in cash and investments.

It is hard to comprehend just how much that is.

Simply put, Apple can, right now, buy Starbucks, MacDonald’s or 2 General Electric outright.

Makes me wonder, will they hit $4T soon?


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