[Part 2 of 3] Three critical things we can learn from Supercar Blondie

You probably have heard of Supercar Blondie before. But do you know her real name and how she got so famous?

She has 1.2 billion views on Tiktok, 44m Facebook followers, 9.5m Instagram followers, 6.9m YouTube subscribers and 73k Twitter followers.

In short, she is a social media goddess of views and likes.

She is killing it in the male-dominated automobile and luxury industry.

Let me break down how she got there and 3 critical things we can all learn from her.

[Go see my part 1 for lesson #1, if you missed it]

Lesson #2

Focus — she homes in on a niche, relentlessly.

She loved cars.

She loved talking about cars.

Doesn’t matter if people were mocking her for not knowing much about cars.

She believed in her passion and wanted to share it with the world.

So she started interviewing people who were passionate about cars.

She put in the work.

Then, she moved on to celebrities.

Thriving on social media and getting semi-famous was the formula.

When she become a mini-celebrity herself, she decided to start her own YouTube channel on cars.

She found her niche.

It might be happenstance, but it was good content.

When we say cars, we think grease, engines, muscles, testosterones.

How much more contrasting and interesting is it for a white lady to be glossing over cars!

It was a clever niche that hasn’t really been filled yet.

Her passion for luxury, ultra-exclusive cars meets societal demand for short viral videos purely consumed for entertainment.

In startup lingo, we call that a gap in the market.

We are always finding gaps to fill.

Because that will lead to stronger product-market fit.

That is what sells products and make businesses grow.

Always be looking out for demand-driven problems and fill gaps.

Remember, its not wrong to focus and start on a tiny niche.

It is far better to have few people LOVING your specific niche, than many people kind of liking what you generically do.

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