[Part 3 of 3] Let me breakdown what is ADA, DOGE and SHIB for you.

A very layman understanding of the current crypto craze.

If you Google any crypto name now, you will probably see a flood of information you can’t even comprehend.

It would take you forever to get to the bottom of what it really means and what you really need to know.

There is so much fuzz and buzz, you can’t tell left from right.

What has a dog got to do with blockchain and why are there so many different types of crypto coins?

Here is a very layman breakdown of the top few cryptocurrencies in the market today.

This is a mega thread, so I will be spreading it out into 3 parts.



ADA $50.6 B

4 years old, funny how you can find more info about the founder than the product.

The founder is some sort of a genius who is genuine and very vocal about stuff.

ADA was supposed to be an ETH-killer that never was.

Somehow the projects are never quite completed and the milestones are always shifting.

Funny how you only hear of things when they go “to the moon”, and by then, it is usually too late.

Like everyone else, I’m just waiting for ADA to hit $1m after it shot pass $1.


DOGE: $26.7 B

7 years old, the meme coin. The prank. The joke. The anomaly.

The clown that became king of the internet after Elon Musk adopted it.

It is the most valuable cryptocurrency that has literally no purpose or meaning.

Every other coin (except DOGE and SHIB) was founded to do something, improve something.


You buy because you FOMO.

And because Elon told you so.

This will go down in history.

Our fathers had the Internet, Dotcom bubble and Michael Jackson.

Their fathers had World Wars, Steam Engines and the Concorde.

We have Dogecoin.

And whopping $26B market cap to prove it is not just a joke or passing fad.


SHIB: $21.1 B

1 years old, what the heck is this even.

Another glorious meme coin.

Ah, we live in a beautiful world today, where money can be made in almost any possible way.

There was Onlyfans, online Casinos and selling pixelated art as NFTs.

Some genius saw the FOMO and insanity behind DOGE and decided to recreate it.

Every student who wants to be a crypto millionaire.

Every dejected white-collar worker sick of their day job who wants some quick win.

Part of the appeal is just how cheap SHIB is and how easy it is to buy.

It worked.

1 wallet hold a mind-blowing 41% of ALL SHIB coins.

Then again, you can own a lot of SHIB but good luck in ever selling them.

Think about that for a moment.

Question is: have you bought any yet?

Love to hear your comments. Connect with me.


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