[Part 3 or 3] What can we learn from the Highest Grossing Movies of all time

<Go see my earlier posts for the complete list of the Top 20 highest grossing movies of all time.>

Which one surprised you the most being on that list?

For me, it was Beauty and the Beast.

Its a great classic and everyone has heard about it.

I used to love it as a kid too.

Actually I love The Land Before Time more.

If you don’t know what that is, go Google! =)

But for Beauty and the Beast to gross over a billion and beat Iron Man 3?

Come on!

Perhaps the trick is really to milk the good ol’ classics.


You are not only targeting an entire generation of kids today.

You are also targeting the entire generations of children who has grown up and started their own families.

So the parents have memories they want to relive and the kids have want to make new memories.

What a powerful combination of appeal that will lead to more movie tickets sold!

That is why remaking movies are so popular.

One last titbit.

If you ever want to make a movie to enter this list, let me give you the secret.

Do a family movie or a kids’ show.

Or at least appeal to the kids and the kids inside every adult.

Except for the Fast and Furious movies, every one of the top grossing films are family or kids oriented.

Then again, Dom always, always talks about family.

So maybe after all the car chases, money heists, explosions, fires, fighting and death-defying stunts, it is about family after all.

Think about it.

You appeal to the kids emotionally, get them hooked, and they will pester their parents to go watch it.

Instead of 2 kids, you have a family of 4 paying for the movie now.

It is really a natural process no one really thinks about.

Oh what if mommy or daddy already watched it with their colleagues?

No worries, they will 100% pay for it again and join their kids for the movie.

Which parent won’t?

Tried and tested.

Works every time.

Maybe my next hobby will be making family-oriented films.

If you enjoyed this, let me know!


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