Shou Zi Chew — Tiktok CEO

Tiktok’s new CEO!

Who is Chou Zi Chew? Apparently the new CEO of Tiktok, but besides that, I could barely find anything about the new shining knight of one of the most popular social media platform in the world.

It was almost as if he came out of nowhere! But he has a bachelor from UOL, MBA from Harvard, worked Investment Banking at Goldman and has been with Xiaomi for half a decade, was the CFO of ByteDance and now, the CEO of Tiktok. He also met his wife via email at Harvard, yup, I googled it.

Like any successful person who “suddenly” made it, Zi Chew probably worked his eyes out and was highly competent to be where he is today. I look forward to hearing more awesome news from his leadership at Tiktok.

Such news invigorate the startup and business world because it gives the young kid struggling to finish his final paper in college a reason to continue. It helps assures a newly-grad, swamped in student loans, that his or her future can be brighter. It encourages a middle-age salaryman to rethink their goals, skills and future, to steer the ship in a different direction if needed.

How many of such talents you personally know that are just “bubbling under” the spotlight and media attention?

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