Someone actually recreated the entire Squid Game in real life

Believe it or not, Squid Game is real.

MrBeast, a Youtuber with 79m subscribers, recreated the entire Squid Game from the popular Netflix Korean show.

Of course no one died and none of the games claimed any lives.

But the entire set was quite realistically close to the actual Squid Game show.

The green player uniforms, the orange jumpsuits, the bridge where the tug of war was fought, the rooms where they slept and even the giant doll.

Not bad at all.

He was giving out cash to winners, losers and people had a choice to leave halfway for $4,000.

The top prize was a whopping $456,000 cash.

I know YouTube was making him money but I didn’t expect it to be that kind of MONEY.

Oh the video, which supposedly cost more than $3.5m to make, was sponsored by Brawl Stars.

Who is Brawl Stars?

It is a mobile game developed by Supercell, one of the most successful mobile game developer in the world, valued at over $10B.

“Brawl Stars tops $1 billion. Above: Brawl Stars has crossed $1 billion in revenues. But then again, it doesn’t need to. The company’s five games have been installed more than five billion times, and Brawl Stars is now its fifth game to exceed $1 billion in gross sales.”

Smart move.

$3.5m is nothing compared to the potential hundred of millions of dollars and exposure it would get from the video, released by one of the most prolific and famous Youtuber of all time.

The video released on Nov 25th, has already garnered more than 100m views.

All jokes aside, the views literally jumped from 78m to 100m in the span of time it took me to pen this down, around 20mins.

Talk about return on investment.

That is a sweet ROI.

I just wondered why no one thought of doing it.

Perhaps they did, they just didn’t have the moolah like MrBeast had.

Or at least the clout and network he has to bring in sponsors like Brawl Stars.

Oh the irony of it all is that Squid Game was a movie that was supposedly a reflection of real life, the hardships, debt and lifestyles of different echelons of Korean society.

MrBeast actually reversed engineered and made a real life game out of a movie.

Creativity matters.

You can create entertaining content if only you bother to be creative enough.

I’m gonna raise funding for doing a Squid Game Singapura version and see if it works. =)

Enjoy the recreation of Squid Game.

I bet by the time you read this, the views would have doubled or tripled.


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