The Beauty of Entrepreneurship — Summary of Startup Weekend Global

I said it many times before, entrepreneurship is beautiful.

If you ever need evidence, just take a look at Startup Weekend Global.

What Startup Weekend Global showed us all was just how beautiful entrepreneurship is.

1600+ participants and observers, from nearly 82 countries, hundreds of teams, with an incredibly diverse and strong judging panel.

What a bunch of passionate volunteers can do when they put their minds and set their hearts to it.

How the power of entrepreneurship can transcend borders, cities, language and creed.

How the urge to create and build something can surpass the obstacles in front of us.

How the right platform can really allow people to cohere and collaborate effectively.

Entrepreneurship is beautiful.

I believe it is encoded in the DNA of all human being.

It is the need to problem-solve.

To do something about the inequities, instability and inefficiencies of life around us.

It is the meeting of the minds and the convergence of intellect.

To engage and develop new ways of solving old problems.

To be brave in the face of insurmountable odds.

To be bold, even when there are no reasons to be.

To overcome and excel, with the limited resources and time we have.

To convince customers, to persuade co-founders, to sway investors, to iterate again and again and again.

Seeing all the ideas that came out of the cauldron, the late night team meetings, the passionate pitches and the multi-country teams formed, it really warms my heart that we made a difference.

People from Kenya and Tokyo, from Tajikistan to New York all coming together to build their dreams.

No talk, all action.

It was beautiful.

I hope you had a chance to visit and explore the Startup Weekend Metaverse.

I hope you had a chance to speak with the other amazing founders and learn more about their lives and their whys.

I hope you embrace entrepreneurship like I do and never stop innovating.

Go forth and make things happen!

Cath the all the amazing pitches here:

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