The Eraser Men

While we enjoy the Tour de France behind our screens, the athletes are out there cycling their way into possible victory.

Behind the scene, far from the cameras trailing the entire peloton, are a duo aptly titled the “Eraser Men”.

They are in charge of a really strange activity — to clear obstacles, remove vandalized properties and repaint roads tainted with rude messages.

They are the literal version of censorship, helping everyone to sanitize” the roads and ensure viewers at home don’t suffer from watching a penis graffiti or vulgarity scribbled on the roads when the cameras go by catching all the intense action.

I find this fascinating in two ways:

  1. That such an occurrence even happens on a competitive bike race across some of the most beautiful French countryside and there is a job created because of it.
  2. That people, whoever they may be, actually have such a strong and passionate agenda as to go out of their way and creatively vandalize roads and signs, just because they can.

Once again, I underestimated the power of human creativity and passion.

The vandals (or artists) leave messages condemning politicians, promoting global warming, wishing good luck to the cyclists and so on.

Honestly, I am in a bit of awe of what they do.

Think about it.

Say you want to remind the world that the world is ending.

Do you know how to go about painting a 10 feet long scribbling on a nicely positioned wall along the countryside?

You need to plan it to perfection.

Time it well, to avoid the Eraser men.

The paint needs time to dry and the weather needs to cooperate or it will run.

The choice of color is crucial too because if its too bright, it might mess up on the TV screens.

The mode of transport, getting a crew together, purchasing the paint and tools needed.

It is no easy feat.

This is akin to the cheetah and the gazelle.

Both has to run, think and react faster to avoid imminent doom or ensure survival.

The Eraser men and the vandals have to learn to adapt to each other.

This is interesting to watch as it unfolds over the years.

Connect with me for more quirky insights and unorthodox breakdowns.

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Durwin Ho


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