The past, present and future has always been hybrid

Hybrid work is the future? Hybrid work is here to stay. Is the future of work flexible and remote?

These have been floating around since the pandemic.

Millions of workers globally have been affected, naturally, by the virus.

We have been uprooted from a 9-to-5 work at your office norm to a 100% remote working situation.

Of course, not everyone was happy and change can often be uncomfortable and unkind.

But when a biological threat of such magnitude hits, we have to adapt or die.

So we did.

Employers were forced to close physical offices.

Employees now have to go online, whatever it takes, to continue doing their work, however they can.

For some sectors, it meant a complete wipeout of what we know and love.

Restaurants famed for their ambience can no longer operate.

Cinemas and tourism faded away.

White collar workers could still go online and connect, send emails and do meetings.

Banking and finance still trudged along.

Apps and businesses that were better off done online boomed.

But wasn’t that the case already?

I thought it was always like that ever since the age of mobile technology and the internet.

We were already using our mobile phones for work, checking our emails, slack and setting up meetings.

We had our laptops and used it for virtually everything work-related.

It was always a blend of remote tools and physical meetings that gave meaning and efficiency to our work.

Remember that meeting that could have been an email?

Remember that physical brainstorming session that would have otherwise be impossibly fruitless when done on a zoom call?

Certain results require a flexibility to choose between online and offline communication, or a mix of both.

We have been doing it in the past, we are doing it in the present, and we will still do it in the future.

Perhaps we will use better technologies and the percentages of how much we do online vs offline will modulate, but it will always be a mix of the two.

So the future, like our present and past, will still be a blend of offline and online work.

Get busy working, or get busy slacking.

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