There is a stadium inside Tom Brady’s 7th Championship ring!


The greatest Football player of all time, Tom brady won his 7th NFL Championship ring last season and finally got his ring yesterday.




Just take a moment to look at the details.

Personalized to each player.

Gorgeous engravings lined the 14 karat gold ring, encrusted with 319 diamonds.

319 diamonds = the final score of 31–9 that the Buccaneers won the Patriots.

The ring is huge, bold and in-your-face.

That is the point, when you wear it, people cannot look away.

It sucks in attention from everyone when you walk into a room.

If it could, it would tell the entire backstory of how much pain, heartache, sacrifice and hardwork it took for every player to get the championship.

Each ring is personalized with the players name and jersey number.

It even has a mini replica of the Bucc stadium inside the ring when you open it up!

Replica of the Buccaneers’ stadium inside the ring.

Come on!

If that isn’t some great designing, I don’t know what is.

I can already imagine replicas of this selling like hotcakes to hardcore fans who want to share a piece of their team’s victory.

When asked which ring he loves most, Tom, the G.O.A.T, replied in goat-like fashion, “The next one”.

Mic drop.

Greatness isn’t bought and kept in a closet forever.

It is rented.


With the pursuit of relentless hardwork and never-ending sacrifice.

… and the rent is due, everyday.

Keep this in mind each time you want to give up or hit a roadblock.

Founders, entrepreneurs, leaders and champions keep on going.

Shake it off and go one more.

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Durwin Ho is the CEO of StartupX, an innovation company that has just launched the HyperX Sustainability Hackcelerator. He also heads Startup Weekend Singapore.