There is only 1 black driver in F1 history.

Lewis Hamilton

“Lewis Hamilton Hates That Formula One Racing Has Become A Club For Billionaire Trust Fund Babies”

Hamilton is the first and only Black driver in Formula One.

“He’s become a major advocate for diversity in his sport. In 2020, he put together a commission to explore why ethnic minorities are vastly underrepresented in Formula One.”

Think about it.

“There have been 770 Formula One drivers from 40 different nationalities who have raced at least one of the 1,041 FIA World Championship races since the first such event, the 1950 British Grand Prix.”

770 drivers and Hamilton is literally the ONLY black driver in F1 history.

The bigger question is … WHY?

There are a few reasons for that.

Firstly, F1 racing is extremely expensive and not many get early exposure into the system. Few can afford the gear, training and coaching required. Plus proper tracks are supremely rare and costly to rent.

Oh did I mention an average F1 car costs around $12.2 million?

Secondly, majority of the drivers come from wealthy families who can afford the inherent costs of being a professional racer. Think of this way: there are limited seats to a yacht party, so if most of the seats are taken by wealthier patrons, there just isn’t enough seats left to go around.

Lastly, its about accessibility. Legitimate, high-pressure F1 racing is bloody uncommon when you look around the local neighborhood. Its like trying to study to be an astronaut or deep-sea diver. There is no traditional, typical path laid out at all.

I never enjoyed watching F1, but I have long marveled at the engineering and skills needed. Hamilton is breaking barriers and records, and I root for his legacy.

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