There’s a 186kg solid Gold cube worth $11.7m in the middle of a park!

Durwin Ho
2 min readFeb 7, 2022
It looks small but it weighs 186kg!

Talk about Street Art.

This is modern Art in 2022.

A solid, near 200kg cube made up entirely of pure Gold is plonked in the middle of New York’s Central Park.

It’s called the Castello Cube, named after the artist Niclas Castello.

It even has a one-man security detail watching it 24 hours.

I mean, even if someone wanted to steal it, try moving a 200kg solid cube with no handles or leverage! ”Extremely high temperatures were also needed to melt the materials, hitting at 1,100 degrees Celsius. The box measures just over a foot and a half on all sides and is only about a quarter-inch thick.”

It is definitely eye-catching…if you happen to be jogging nearby.

But honestly, it will get more mileage on social media than on the streets.

But what does it mean?

Well, does it have to mean anything?

It’s the artist’s way of marketing for his new cryptocurrency called the Castello Coin $CAST, which will be sold via an NFT auction later in Feb.

So this is what modern marketing has come down to?

What has the physical gold cube got to do with a digital currency?

Ironically, isn’t cryptocurrency supposed to be the next step of evolution for physical gold?

But so long as it grabs attention and make headlines, it works.

I was hoping Castello took the 200kg gold and divided it into fractional tokens to allow thousands of users to own a tiny piece of the artwork.

That way, the tokens actually have some real value in real life (you actually bought some gold), there is intrinsic value of being a part of art history and you can trade it in the secondary market too!

I’m gonna do something similar for a pure cube of Silver.

Calling my token $SLIV and putting it right in front of Ion Orchard!

Any buyers?


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