This guy cycled 3,500 miles in 18 days to beat the Tour de France.

The Tour de France is a national pride of France and a keystone event in competitive cycling.

Its a professional cycling event that occurs annually, where teams of cyclists compete to see who gets to the finish line first.

The whole route is really, really long.

Like 3,500 miles long.

For perspective, the journey across US coast to coast is around 3,000 miles.

I can’t even begin imagine to cycle anything of that distance.

For all you cycling fans out there, imagine peddling for days with your body arched over and your palms painfully gripping the handlebars.

Your legs are burning from the lactic and your lungs are on fire from the exhaustion.

And you have to do this against the raw elements of mother nature.

They say the French mountains, scenery and air is particular refreshing and beautiful.

I bet no one racing in the Tour de France ever enjoyed any of that.

Then there is Lachlan Morton.

He is a distance cyclist who completed the entire Tour de France route against the odds.

He started just behind the official racers and finished 5 days ahead.


No team.

No massages.

No spare bikes.

No rest days.

No buses to ferry between different legs.

No hotels.

No warm meals.

He slept in a makeshift tent.

Under the rain.

Sometimes, he just cycled through the night.

He brought all his food, clothes, tent and whatnot with him for the entire journey.

I actually don’t know how he did it.

More pertinently, I don’t know WHY he did it.

Why do the Tour de France alone, against the odds?

Turns out, he was doing it to raise money for a non-profit that provides bicycles to developing countries.

All that pain and hardship to endure the 3,500 miles of rainy, cold elements over 18 days.

I guess when the WHY is strong enough, the how and what will follow.

The same goes for starting a business.

It is not sufficient to just build a product or please a customer, you have to answer the WHY for it to sustain you in the long-run.

So, would you ride the entire Tour de France route solo, non-stop?

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