Take umbrage. But take it to the moon.

In a world so crowded and messy, execution cuts through all the crap. Here is a powerful lesson on EXECUTION.

6 May 2021: SPH announced that it will be letting go of its media business for it to form a new non-profit entity. Its CEO bit back hard at a reporter and remarked “Honestly, I take umbrage at your first question.” Social media firestorm ensues. The witch-hunting, mockery, sarcasm, trend-jacking and memes flooded the internet.

11 May 2021: Umbrage Coin was born.

Call it a scam, a ponzi, a mockery or a meme coin. What I am impressed about is the rate of execution performed by the team behind it.

5 days. A full website. Complete with click-bait titles, instructions on how to buy, finger-pointing logo and social currency to create immense FOMO.

Its entire idea and copy was directed towards FOMO-generation. Showing you clearly how much it has risen since hours ago to indicate potentially how much you could have “earned” if you bought the umbrage coin earlier.

Witty. Funny. Well-played.

Anybody who has worked in a startup or built something knows how difficult it is to get things rolling: the design, copywriting, logos, backend, hiring, tech stack, conceptualisation, customer validation, growth hacking .etc

Got to tip my hat to the execution displayed even if the intentions aren't too noble.

So…the real question is: Have you bought into the FOMO?



Not sure if Umbrage Coin is still alive. There’s some news that they are burning 50% of the coins and possibly hodling for 8 years?

All the best.

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Durwin Ho is the CEO of StartupX, an innovation company that has just launched the HyperX Sustainability Hackcelerator. He also heads Startup Weekend Singapore.