What happens when Art and Tech have a baby?

Durwin Ho
2 min readJan 27, 2022


Beautiful setting for the final pitches!

You rarely hear about the cutting-edge tech permeating the world of Art.

This is what it is like.

I had a chance to observe the top teams pitching at the yLab Foundry pitch day at the National Gallery of Singapore.

There were no-code platforms for generating art, wayfinding tech, NFT marketplaces and immersive digital museums.

Art is no long limited to paint and canvas, sculptures and pottery.

It has become fluid, immersive, experiential and dynamic in its form.

The Art world is a special, amazing and mysterious space.

Picassos and Monets have sold for hundreds of millions.

Anonymous graffiti artist Banksy has provocative artwork that both mocks and inspires.

Guess how much this sold for?

Valuation of historic art pieces is an artistic science by itself.

Art also represents a piece of our own history.

It tells stories and paint narratives in ways we can only imagine.

It is an expression of the human mind, unravelling in infinite number of ways, giving meaning to different people at different times.

In a way, Art has evolved, devolved and re-invented itself over the course of human history.

It was for pure fun and creativity, then at some point a way to preserve history, honor our heroes, decorate things around us.

Over time, it became a way of communication, a mode of expression, then of stored intrinsic value.

What gives an art piece value?

The story it tells?

The quality of the art work?

Who the artist was?

Or simply the monetary value of whoever is willing to pay for it?

You go Art.

Continue to inspire, confuse, amaze, bewilder and question us.

My team at StartupX, working closely alongside National Gallery Singapore (NGS), enjoyed nourishing the teams who participated in the yLab Foundry.

It started with nearly 30 teams and we narrowed it down to the top 10 for pitch day.

The final 5 selected from yesterday’s pitch day will go on and pilot with NGS.

The road ahead will only be littered with opportunities for fruitful collaborations and successes.

This is but the start of where Singapore’s Art sector properly embraces tech in art, who knows what the future holds.

Whether we want to or not.

We humans are artistic by nature.

We are constantly interacting with each other and our our environment, creating art in every possible form.

How can you not be romantic about Art?


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