What was the peak of your 2021?

I would have loved to say that the peak of my 2021 was organizing the largest global hackathon in history.

4 years and hundreds of founders ago, we were organising one of the largest physical hackathons in Singapore ever.

It was electrifying.

It was a milestone achievement for many of us.

The seeds we sowed that day are still sprouting till today.

We were purposeful.

We were intentional.

The volunteers of Startup Weekend carried on the torch and never stopped.

We are on a mission.

To empower every men, women and children with the ability to reach their dreams.

We want to democratise entrepreneurship to the masses.

We want to inspire the next generation of founders who will in turn inspire the next.

We want to be the one that people will talk about for ages.

To uncover possibilities where there are obstacles.

To provide clarity where there are doubts.

To be the positive in the sea of negatives.

Startup Weekend is a place to unite and unify people from all walks of life.

It is a destination for the imaginative to meet the practical.

It is a cornucopia of talent, ideas, smiles, codes and energy.

That is really all you need to start the next unicorn.

So to whoever that may be reading this, come join us.

Join us on our mission.

I can’t promise it will be easy, but it will definitely be worth it.

Help us connect to the startup communities and nodes all around the world, wherever you may be.

Help us spread the word to your friends and whatever communities you may be in.

We want you to help spread the joy and amplify the efforts.

We want to make Startup Weekend truly global and reach every corner of the universe.

Join us, and let’s make Startup Weekend Global the peak of our 2021!

If this resonates with you, come talk to me!

Let’s do something really awesome before 2021 ends on all of us.

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Durwin Ho

Durwin Ho

CEO of StartupX | Web3.0, Crypto, DeFi, NFT Enthusiast |HyperX Sustainability Hackcelerator | Startup Weekend Singapore.