When the richest football club cannot afford you

Messi is no longer at Barcelona.

Apparently Barcelona FC, one of the most lucrative and valuable football clubs in the world, is not re-contracting Messi.

They announced this 8 days before the new season starts.

I didn’t even know such things could happen.

That one of the most valuable football stars in the world can NOT get re-contracted by its current employer.

I found something really interesting while digging.

Barcelona is one of the top 10 FCs in the world, making more than €715m in 2021.

PSG, who is rumored to be contracting Messi, came in at no. 7 making €540.6m.

Not too sure how La Liga’s regulations work and how the money moves, but why a club that makes less than the top club can afford Messi is beyond me.

And isn’t it interesting that Barcelona, the richest club in the world, has €715m in revenue and is in €1.2b debt.

Messi’s salary is at a staggering €555m.

No wonder they are “broke”.

How the politics and economics of football works is a mystery to me.

I don’t know much about football, but I do know Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

And I do know Messi is somewhat of a wizard on the field.

I saw so many highlight clips of how he play-makes and do some out-of-this-world stuff with a football.

In fact, many would agree he is the modern GOAT of football.

Seems weird that anyone would even think about letting Messi go.

Apparently it was La Liga regulations and Barcelona’s inability to comply with the rules that made keeping Messi impossible.

Whatever the case, I do hope Messi can continue playing and be the legend he is.

For PSG, or whoever is eyeing Messi now, good for you.

Bid your time, pace yourself and unleash at the opportune moment.

You never know when lady luck will knock on your door and in that moment, you can change things around, big time!

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