Would you pay $5m for a car that you cannot drive?

SGD $5m for a Bugatti in Singapore!

Singapore is a haven for the uber wealthy.

Make no mistake about that.

Every known luxury brand in fashion, automotive, property, lifestyle can be found on our island.

You probably heard about the record-setting good class bungalows, condos and michelin restaurants.

What about cars?

Here’s some titbits.

The Pagani Huayra Roadster BC costs €2.15 million (S$3.29 million).

It is a beauty on wheels.

Too perfect for the roads even.

Yes it is right-hand drive so you can drive it in sunny Singapore.

Not too sure about the resale value or market because the client base is exclusively tiny.

There is a 4 year waiting list if you are interested.

Then there is the extreme version of luxury car ownership.


It will surely drop some jaws as you drive around town. But you can’t drive it.

“The Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport, which can be yours, but can’t be driven off the lot, for a super cool €3.1 million (S$4.98 million) for a base model without options.”

You are basically paying $5m for a display item that can only be… displayed.

Actually, come to think of it, isn’t that exactly like a Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT?

You can show proof of ownership, do anything you want with it and it will cost you an arm and a leg for it.

Well, the rich are really different.

Perhaps its for the appreciation of the history, the sense of ownership, the idea of being able to touch (but not drive) the Bugatti that really makes the difference.

Perhaps it’s the kind of friends that you get to network with once you own such a divine automobile.

Either way, it is a little strange to pay so much for a car and not to be able to drive it!

I mean, what do you do with it?

Hang it up and display it on the wall?

Have a mini crew maintain and polish it monthly?

Maybe charge tickets for enthusiasts to view it?

Occasionally start the engines to annoy the neighbors?

If you can think of any other reasons why anyone should buy a Bugatti in Singapore, let me know!


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