Would you pay $6,000 for Salt Bae to serve you steak?

This receipt of a dinner at one of Nusr-Et Miami shows a luxurious meal of nearly USD $6,228.05!

A can of Sprite is $10!

2 servings of sweet corn is $38!

I mean … we are talking about corn!

That actually makes the $100 Sirloin look affordable!

The golden tomahawk is $1,000 and yup, you guessed it, its a huge piece of in-bone steak cut wrapped in gold flakes.

“Opening the doors to his first restaurant in Istanbul, Turkey in 2010 before establishing a second venue in Dubai circa 2014, in present-day, Salt Bae is the proud owner of 18 Nusr-Et locations around the world — with an estimated net worth of US$50 million.”

Nusret Gökçe is a very well-known celebrity chef.

It is rumored that he only comes out to cut and perform his trade-mark Instagram-worthy sprinkles when you purchased the most expensive cuts on the menu (or if you are well-known).

I get that the service is probably world-class and the ambience is amazing, but it is really worth the hype for Salt Bae to come out and personally slice your steak and sprinkle salt all over his arm onto your dish?


It all about perspective.

For the every day joe, this will not make any sense.


If you were a celebrity worth millions, this is just another walk in the park.

If you were a high-rolling banker or VC, this is a sure-win way to impress your clients or celebrate a milestone.

If you were stuck in lock-down for 1.5 years and decided to spend all the money you saved on travels into a dinner at Nusr-Et, why not?

Perspective is everything.

We all have things we scrimp and save on, and things we are perfectly ok to splurge on.

Question is: what is the “Salt Bae” experience you are willing to splurge on?

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