Xackathon! — StartupX inaugural team hackathon!

We did it. We finally had our very first StartupX themed Hackathon with the entire office!

Let me share with you what went down.

We have always wanted to eat our own dogfood and experience what it is like to run a hackathon for our own people.

Last month, for our team bonding session, we logged on to a brand new Space Station on Gather and conducted a 24-hour virtual hackathon.

The rules were simple and the teams are randomly assigned into groups of 2 because it makes it that much more exciting to really get your hands dirty.

There was the pre-event briefing session to inform and educate the participants on the rules and prizes.

There were individual team rooms where the teams can retreat to and build their MVP.

Everything was done virtually and they had to get creative with customer validation.

That means relying on quick polls over long surveys.

Calling up and literally talking to colleagues over sourcing new potential users from scratch.

That also means understanding who our “customer” really is. Is it the startups or the corporates?

For what’s worth, I think the team learnt a thing or two.

  1. As a participant, the user experience is everything. Step into their shoes and see things from their point of view will mean the world.
  2. Defining pain point is a … painful point too! Are the pain points between us and our customers or between our customers and their objectives?
  3. Time constraints works differently depending on your mindset. Give a week or a day for a hackathon and you will get very interestingly varied results.
  4. The ability to communicate and express a message is a universal skill that can be forged in the fires of a hackathon but it will stay with you forever.

It was fun, a bit stressful and definitely more entertaining than a typical day in our virtual office.

If you run a team, startup or department, you should try it too!

If you enjoyed this or wish to implement this, connect with me.

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